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The Oh Wow! Story

Welcome to Oh Wow! Creations, the home of beautiful and fun one-of-a-kind creations that make you say "Oh Wow!  After 6 years of creating pour paintings, something that became very popular for others to experiment with, I decided to leave that to others.   I decided instead it was time to pursue something new.  What's new, are some great wire trees on the coolest rock vignettes and on canvas with resin making a cool 3-D picture.  Then in the fun zone are some adorable gnomes and other huggables.

How did Oh Wow Creations come to being?  Well, I've always been artistic and in 2001, I was diagnosed with MS.  Once I could no longer work a 40-hour week, my husband and I decided to start a home-based business, which has evolved into Oh Wow! Creations LLC. The company was named after hearing so many wonderful exclamations of Oh Wow, that’s cool, Oh Wow, how did you do that?  You get the idea….

While strolling through Oh Wow!, if you see something you love but wish it had different colors, size, etc., please contact me, and I'll make something especially for you.  I love special orders!  And remember, one-of-a-kind art pieces are my specialty. 


Happy shopping!! And thanks again for stopping by Oh Wow! Creations LLC.


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